How Replacing Your Doors Can Help You Save Money This Winter

By January 16, 2019Doors
how to fix a drafty door

When you are wondering how to keep cold air from coming through doors this winter, it’s time to learn about energy saving doors. You can decide to fix a drafty door, use heavy drapes, and block the bottom of your doors to prevent drafts from coming in to your home. If you are a homeowner who is on a tight budget — or just wants to save some money —  learning new ways to keep utility costs down will make a difference in your home and your pocket this winter.

Use Energy Saving Doors

Old doors can have a big impact on your overall heating bills when the weather gets cold. If your door isn’t energy efficient, it could be letting in cold air even when it is closed tightly. A thin, single paned glass door can let in cold drafts, while a hollow wooden door can be a problem in cold weather areas. Invest in energy efficient doors to keep the cost of keeping your home warm down.

Energy efficient doors, How to keep cold air from coming through doors

Fix Drafty Doors

To keep your home warm this winter, pay attention to where drafts are coming in. If you have any cracks in your wooden doors, consider replacing them with more efficient ones. This could save you money, time, and the hassle of upkeep later. However, you can also learn how to fix a drafty door. Look for ways to fill in cracks with wood putty, and make sure you use the storm glass in your screen doors during the winter. If air is coming from the bottom of your door, use weatherstripping material to keep the cold air out.

Look for Ways to Keep Doors Protected

If you feel cold air is slipping into your home through the doors, you can protect your door from the harsh weather. Just like windows, you can use heavy drapes to keep the coldest air out of your home. When the sun is out during the day, open up the heavy drapes to let the warm sun heat up your home.

Improve Airflow Throughout Your Home

To maintain a more even temperature throughout your home, keep the airflow even. Block off rooms in which you may not need as much heat. Use ceiling fans on low to keep air moving from room to room. The temperature will be easier to maintain if the air flows freely throughout the rooms you want to heat in your home.

Energy saving doors

People often turn their heat way down when they’re gone to save on heating costs, but if you turn your heat down too low it will take too much energy to warm your home back up again. It’s more practical to put money into keeping the heat within your home, rather than constantly changing the temperature inside. Investing in new doors will help trap heat inside. If your doors are really old, they may be beyond repair. Energy efficient doors may be worth the investment. You’ll end up saving money on heating costs, and your home will be much more comfortable.

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