Front Entry Door Replacement - Serving NJ Including Essex County


Welcome to the Door Division of RWC Windows, Doors & More.  As many know, replacing your entrance door is a great way to beautify and modernize your home.  Not only can new doors enhance your home and help you achieve your desired aesthetic look, but you can also increase its overall efficiency. 

Here at RWC Windows, Doors & More our goal is to offer our customers various options to meet their desired aesthetic and budgetary needs.  Since our inception in 1959 we have developed long-lasting business relationships with some of the nation’s leading door manufacturers.  In our state-of-the-art showroom, you see different grades of steel, fiberglass and wood doors from the leading manufacturers.  Visit our showroom today and see why the RWC Experience is something that beats all the rest!

  • No Sub-Contractors – RWC Windows, Doors & More does not employ any sub-contractors.  Every employee has been factory trained and certified to install every product we supply
  • No “Pushy” Salespeople – Here at RWC, we are committed to providing our customers with the best home improvement experience.  We do not employ aggressive commissioned sales people. RWC Windows, Doors & More has been family-owned and operated since 1959.  We are here to relieve your home improvement stress, not add to it by using high-pressure sales tactics. 
  • Lead Certified Firm - With the new changes in the Lead Laws throughout the United States, it is important to only use a Lead Certified firm to complete your home improvement project.  Since 2010, RWC Windows, Doors & More has fulfilled the requirements of the Unites States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Section 402, and has received certifications to conduct lead-based paint renovation, repair, and painting activities pursuant to 40 CFR Part 745.89
  • Expert Custom Finishing - RWC Windows, Doors & More offers custom pre-finishing on all entry door products.  We have the ability to paint or stain your entrance door any tone or color you could desire.  No longer will you have to pick your stain/paint color out of a catalog.  RWC will hand paint/stain samples right before your eyes so you can make color adjustments to achieve your aesthetic goal.
  • Full Service Installation - RWC Windows, Doors & More not only has the ability to supply our customers with products from some of the nation’s most well-known manufacturer’s, but we can also provide expert installation.  All members of our certified installation crews have a minimum of 15 years of experience installing all grades of entry door products. 
  • RWC Premium Entrance Door Installation Includes the Following:
    • Delivery of New Entry System to your home
    • Protection of interior flooring with drop cloths and Install protective plastic barrier (if possible)
    • Removal of existing entrance door, frame, wood threshold and interior molding
    • Preparation of opening to accept new energy efficient door system
    • Installation of new energy efficient entrance door into prepared opening.
    • Block and shim door plum, level and square
    • Insulation of voids between door frame and wall
    • Installation of interior and exterior decorative trim
    • Seal interior and exterior with high-grade, non-drying caulk
    • Removal all job-related debris and leave premises broom-swept clean

Dear Eric,

My new deck doors have exceeded my expectations.  They are so beautiful and added much needed ambiance to the house.  They are well constructed, easy to open and close, energy efficient, and will reduce my energy bill as drafts won’t be coming in anymore. 

Paul was a master installer. He was thoughtful, efficient, neat, careful, and approached the installation of each door like a surgeon.  The miter cuts on the trim moldings are absolutely perfect! He insulated the doors; made sure they fit properly, inspected every detail, and did tiny touch-ups before he was satisfied with the finished product. He was like Michelangelo giving me "3" masterpieces in my house. Paul is a true artist in every aspect. I was very grateful for such a person who took such great pride in his work. It was evident.   

Now, as far as working with RWC in general, I was given the royal treatment by both Anthony and Eric.  Both sat with me to discuss my project. Anthony and Eric both came to my house on different occasions  to take pictures, measurements, calculations, and to gather information as to what doors would work best for my house.  I met with Eric  on a few  occasions, looking  at doors, hardware, hinges, and what I could afford. It was a daunting task but Eric was most helpful, answered all my questions, was patient, and helped me with my decisions.

Of  course  I did my homework and compared RWC with other companies but I liked the fact that RWC did everything under one roof, they are a family business, they do it all  from start to finish, and their main goal is to please their customers. I can say with all honesty they achieved that goal with me. Even my husband commented on the beauty of the doors and how well the moldings match the rest of the wood trim. They are like pieces of furniture.


Thank you very much RWC! 

You guys did a fantastic job!


P. Asmuth, Roseland NJ