Keep the Cold Out This Winter with a Beautiful Storm Door

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Posted in Doors on January 18, 2017

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Winter's cold seems unavoidable in New Jersey, but the feeling is even worse when it comes into your home uninvited. This doesn't just happen when you open the door. Instead, it finds an entrance through gaps that you may not realize exist until you walk into the right area and feel a draft.

There is one easy way to cut down on this intrusive chilly wind, have storm doors put in. These doors are meant to keep your home comfortable and lower your heating bill. Today modern versions of storm doors are both visually appealing and keep in warmth, previously they were only meant to keep heat in. 

Why Are Storm Doors Important?


Despite their name, the most important thing about storm doors usually has nothing to do with serious storms. Instead, they're important partly because they help stop the wind from hitting the main door at full force. This greatly reduces the force of drafts. In turn, that keeps the house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Storm doors are also important because they can be switched from glass in the winter and screening in the summer. This allows the main door to be opened without allowing mosquitoes, flies, rodents, and other interlopers in. It also keeps humans from getting the idea that it's okay to walk right in without knocking.

Yet, another benefit of having a storm door is that it provides protection to the main door's finish. Through the years, exposure to rain and snow can fade your main door. With some types of doors, the weather exposure can crack or otherwise damage the material that the door is made of. By putting in a storm door in, you eliminate the direct exposure to precipitation and drying winds.

There can also be some surprising personal benefits some people say that their dogs bark less when they can see out the storm door!

Modern Storm Doors Can be Beautiful


For those who grew up with an old-fashioned storm door, the idea of actually wanting to get one may be a bit shocking. That's because the old kind of storm door typically had a pane of glass on top and an ugly, unfinished aluminum bottom. At best, the solid part was painted in plain black.

Now, it's common for storm doors to be made entirely of glass, or in the summer to have a screen within a sleek door frame. The frame can be painted in any color you desire. Finally, the glass for during winter is very clear so the main door is still easy to see. These attributes make storm doors beautiful and ensure that they don't take away from the home's appearance.

What Are Storm Doors Made Of?

There are a few materials that have proven to be popular for storm doors. These include wood, aluminum, and fiberglass, each with its own benefits.

Aluminum doors don't rust, so they'll last for years, even without maintenance. However, they look best when they're painted. Fortunately, many of them come with a factory finish that will last much longer than paint that is applied by hand.

Fiberglass doors typically have their color already in them. This is great for someone who wants to be sure that they'll never have to paint the door frame. Fiberglass is also lightweight.

Wood is best for people who want a natural look. It can be painted in any color, so it's also perfect for those who want a perfect match to other elements of the house. The main drawback with wood is the same thing that draws people to want it, it's natural. This means that without proper maintenance, it can rot, crack, or even be attacked by termites.

Luckily, doors are at ground level and aren't hard to repaint.

With all of these benefits and options, adding a storm door to your home is a good investment. Contact us here at RWC in New Jersey to see your options and have a door installed today.

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