7 Practical Ways To Make The Most Of Your Small Bathroom

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Posted in Kitchen and Bath on February 1, 2017

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Tired of squeezing into a cramped bathroom? Think you have to learn to live with it? Nothing could be further from the truth!

With the right organization and layout, you can make your tiny bathroom feel down right palatial. Here are 7 ideas to consider:

1. Lose the Tub


Bathtubs take up a ton of space, so get rid of it. A standup shower is highly functional and opens up the floor plan for a larger vanity, cabinets or more storage. Instead of a traditional shower stall, choose a curbless shower with glass walls. Not having drywall around the shower will make your space feel open and large. Shower stalls can certainly add to the beauty of your bathroom. Adding unique tile work and bold fixtures such as a rain shower head will make your shower fit for a king. 

2. Make Medicine Cabinets Functional

Storage in small bathrooms certainly comes at a premium. Consider an inset medicine cabinet covered with a beautiful mirrored door. You'll have a place for your toiletries that's within easy reach, but it won't take up valuable space with a bulky cabinet. You can also have a custom mirrored medicine cabinet installed, that runs the length of your vanity and possibly up to the ceiling. The medicine cabinet will actually serve three functions: as a mirror, as storage and as a design element that makes the room feel bigger.

3. Recess the Toilet

Instead of a traditional toilet, install a wall-hung toilet. With this option, the tank is recessed into the wall which frees up valuable floor space. Besides, freeing up space a wall-hung toilet brings a modern, sleek look to your small bathroom.


4. Install a Smaller Tub


Some people need a tub to accommodate young children or other they may just like a relaxing soak from time to time. If you must have a tub, opt for smaller version that provides function while saving inches. Manufacturers make alot of tubs that are less than 60'' in length which will fit nicely in a smaller space. Have glass doors installed, instead of a shower curtain, to remove the visual clutter that makes a room feel cramped.


5. Opt for a Floating Vanity

A vanity can occupy a lot of floor space in a bathroom, but for many, they're a necessity. A pedestal sink simply doesn't provide the storage options or valuable counter space that a vanity does. Instead of choosing a traditional vanity, opt for a floating version. They mount on the wall instead of sitting on the floor. Floating vanities can also be narrower, so you can really maximize your square footage. A slim sink will also make your room look perfectly modern. 

6. Color Is Key


Light, modern colors can really make a small space feel larger. Think about that as you select a color palette for your space. Bright white tile or cabinets will give the bathroom a more open and appealing look. Need to have just a little color? Paint or tile an accent wall or use towels, pictures and other accents to decrease the monochromatic feel. 

7. Improved Lighting

If your bathroom lacks a window for natural light, consider ways to improve the lighting. A skylight lets tons of natural light spill into the space. Or consider canned lighting to compliment a glamorous chandelier or bar light above the vanity.

Many small bathrooms lack the functionality and aesthetic quality modern homeowners expect. But you don't have to feel confined by your current arrangement. A bathroom remodel by RWC will allow you to create a airy space where you can relax and unwind in style. 

The room of your dreams is closer than you think, thanks to RWC's 5x7 Bathroom Remodeling Special.  Contact us today to find out about our 5x7 Bathroom Special and the many other home renovations we can do for you.

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