Blog Entries for March 7, 2017


A bathroom has a surprising number of essentials for its size, so when it's time for a bathroom remodel, it pays to give heed to all of these elements. This will ensure that the final result is visually cohesive as well as functional. The added bonus is... continue reading

John, Today I made an after school snack, prepared dinner, helped my son do his homework, paid bills and unloaded the dishwasher all at the same time! Well, not exactly at the same time-then I'd be Wonder Woman or Samantha on Bewitched...but it felt all seamless. This kitchen is so terrific. The whole house is wonderful. We are just loving the set-up and the feel of the whole place. I'm baking lemon bars at 9:30 p.m., John. THAT'S how happy I am... I just wanted to write you a note now becau....

M. Cunningham, Roseland NJ