Blog Entries for April 28, 2017


 "Energy efficiency" -- Is it just a buzz phrase? Or is it your wallet's best friend?If you're leaning towards 'buzz phrase', the chances are high that you're letting money creep through the cracks in your home every single month. A few minor... continue reading

What I loved about RWC, was that it was one stop shopping. I had about 8 estimates and they were all in the same ballpark, but with RWC you could do all of your shopping at their showroom, which was a huge timesaver. The job started on time and the men that came in and out of my house were lovely. Each one was friendly and i felt at ease leaving them alone in my house or to lock up when they left. Working with Joe was a great experience. I bothered him all the time with questions and he was q....

E. Thompson, Wayne NJ